by Andreea Sarcani, expat living in Ostrava

How many times did you initiate major changes into your life because you chose so? And how many times things occurred and you just had to adapt to unpleasant situations?

I would guess that the latter gets a much higher score. Unless you are one of Tony Robbins’ closest friends. The lockdown left us with many fears and with apparently no choices. But is it really so? What happens when you have to pause from your normal routine for longer than just 2 weeks due to a very contagious virus?

Initially, you are getting frustrated, you are blaming the Chinese, you are cursing your boss, as he sent you an email saying that he would no longer be able to give you your full salary due to the crisis. Or you are frustrated that you have to work even more than before. Your children don’t want to do their homework on their own, that’s why you get cross with them. The food in the restaurant seemed much tastier than the meal your spouse made yesterday, as (s)he had to attend an online meeting which took longer than (s)he’d expected.

On one hand everything looks chaotic, on the other hand you are slowing down or start doing things differently. It is exactly as if you went home by taking a completely different route. In the midst of the chaos, you are able to discover new houses, new faces, new shops. Maybe new trees, too. And while strolling on this street you realise that you and your loved ones are safe, that there are many chances that you can still keep your job after the crisis, if you choose to. Why am I saying that? It is because, usually, when you are caught in a certain routine, you have no space to ask yourself: why am I doing what am I doing? Am I still doing everything because I am choosing to or am I just being used to it? What really matters to me? An oasis is being revealed in the midst of this earthquake. It may last for few minutes only, but it is enough for you to gain a new fresh perspective. It invites you to reconnect with yourself in your deepest core. A place which you may have not visited for a long time. From this quietness other questions like: do I live my life to the fullest or am I fulfilling my dreams may arise. There have been many cases in the history when many people found their inner freedom while being in prison. Eventually, they admitted that it had been a gift for them. Luckily enough, our time in the prison of our homes will be over soon.

What is your takeaway from all this? What is the gift which you have been given?

Who is Andreea Sarcani

Andreea Sarcani was born in Romania. She is a Journalism and Philosophy graduate. She has lived in Ostrava since 2013. Andreea is all into arts, pursuing writing, painting and singing. In 2018 she has founded Artspiritjoy, a place where people of all ages are invited to learn English in a fun, creative and diverse way.

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