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Compulsory School Education and Free-time Activities

Information for Ukrainian coming to Czech Republic with children.

Kindergartens and School Education

If you are coming to Czech Republic from Ukraine with your child, he or she must start attending the compulsory school education within 3 months from the moment of your arrival. Depending on your child’s age you can either sign them in for the kindergarten anywhere in Ostrava, or the whole region. In case the child is supposed to attend the primary school, you must pick one from the list here and contact the school. Each of the school establishments has the possibility to ask for a person who will help the child with the adaptation and coordination in the facility and system.

For further information please click here.

or read this manual for parents in Ukrainian: 

Free-time Activities

Ostrava already has plenty of places you can visit and activities you can do. There are many centers for children which offer activities, workshops and help with adaptation for both children and their parents free of charge. Here are some links to the centers you can visit:

You can also visit many sports areas and clubs as well as fine art workshops for children. People of Ostrava have prepared a chart with their names, links to their websites and contacts to make it easier for you to find the one you would prefer. Visit the following link and click on the “zde” button in the yellow section for the chart.

The sports center Sareza also provides the opportunity to enter the swimming pool and skating area to Ukrainian women, children and elderly people over the age of 60. The entrance is for a symbolic CZK 1, all you need to do is to show either your passport or ID. Here is the link with information in both Czech and Ukrainian.

Radio Broadcasting and Reading

Czech radio Můj rozhlas launched a radio broadcast in the Ukrainian language, you can access the broadcast here.

There are also several websites that offer study materials, e-books and materials for studying Czech in Ukrainian free of charge. This is an official website with many of the previously mentioned documents.

There is also a Ukrainian magazine for the community already living in the Czech Republic so in case you want to find some more information and articles, you can visit the following website: www.ukrajinci.cz 

These are up-to-date information and some more opportunities may arise in the weeks to come.

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