First Aid Workshop

Perfect for parents, caregivers and anyone who wants to help kids.

Hey Expats!

This time we bring a new topic! Join our workshop and learn the first aid basic steps!

➡️ The workshop will focus on pediatric first aid, addressing how to handle injuries and unexpected situations in children. While some may look similar to adult emergencies, a child’s body and needs require special attention and different care approaches.

👶🏽 This workshop will show you what to do in common first aid situations for children. We’ll cover things like what to do if a child stops breathing and how to do CPR on a kid (it’s a little different than adults!).

The next part of the workshop will be a practical demonstration of removing a foreign body from the airway (when the object is lodged in the throat or larynx (voice box) – a skill essential for first aid in children! 👧🏼

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 This workshop will also cover basic steps for common childhood illnesses. Being prepared with these skills can help you act quickly and give the best care to your child in an emergency.

Are you joining us?

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