Happy Hour #vol.2

Community Event

Join: https://meet.google.com/ijt-nrwd-fqj

Happy Hour #vol.2: Christmas in my town! ❄️🎄

There are so many ways to make the Holidays special! 💟 Every country, city, family has their very own way to do it. The Happy Hour #vol.2 has a special Festivities edition and we invite you all to share your traditions with us! Describe your special local Christmas events, foods, decorations or activities and can share pictures if possible!
We are looking forward to it!💯🔜🤝

 Soo, prepare your favorite drink, glass of wine, a cold beer  or even a cup of coffee (with or without whisky?) and join us for our Happy hou r#vol.2! 

Lecteur: Rayse Praková

 Link: https://meet.google.com/ijt-nrwd-fqj

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