How to find a job

We will give you the guidelines!

We hear you! 

One of the most requested topics on the OEC is how to find a job. What the requirements are, the differences between contracts, and more. That’s why our team decided to continue with an event totally focused on this very important subject.  

This workshop will be divided into three parts and we believe that in the end, you will feel more empowered to find your dream job in Ostrava! 


So what can you look forward to? 

– What is the current situation in the regional labour market? 

– Visa/residence permits & the possibility of legal employment 

– Types of employment x Self-employment 

– How and where to search for a job (websites, our table, agencies) 

– What the recruitment process looks like and what to expect 

– Remote jobs x Czech law 

 See you there! 

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