Women Club

For women from all around the world!

This month we would like to brainstorm ideas for some fantastic new sticker designs, and we know the women of the Ostrava Women’s Club would be amazing contributors!

We’re looking for designs that are fresh, beautiful, and funny! Think awesome designs you’d be proud to stick anywhere!

Calling all wonderful, amazing expat women!

Mark your calendars for our next get-together! If you’ve got any questions, pop into our private group and ask away!

We’re excited to connect with women from Ostrava and the surrounding areas. Let’s gather, share experiences, and have some fun!

We’ll meet once a month to discuss a mix of intellectual and girly topics.

Empower yourself in a community that celebrates your unique identity! Let’s embrace change, celebrate our differences, and create a supportive space where we all shine brightly.

P.S. If you’re not part of the group yet, reach out to Ostrava Expat Centre and we’ll get you in.

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