Expat Episodes #5: Chris from England.

From Steel City to Steel Heart: a (almost) 30-Year Love Affair with Ostrava.

Chris is originally from Sheffield and  found himself unfulfilled as an HM manager. He needed  a change, a fresh start, and maybe even a new country to call home. After visiting Hungary and Poland, Czechoslovakia (back then) captured his heart. But within the Czech Republic, one city surprisingly interested him: Ostrava.

Chris’s decision to settle in our city came from his wish to immerse himself in the Czech culture, and Ostrava for being a remote city back then, seemed like the ideal setting for this. Lucky, he found a warm welcome from the locals and a fulfilling dual career: teaching at the University of Ostrava while also thriving as a commercial translator.

Fast forward almost three decades, and Chris’s love for Ostrava remains the same or even stronger than before. He is part of the community, actively involved in various projects with universities from all around the country, companies, and even the city itself. On the top of that, he is a serious fan of both FC Baník Ostrava, the city’s football team, and HC Vítkovice Ridera, the city’s ice hockey team. 

Tune into our latest episode and enjoy Chris story and enjoy his perspective on the changes in our region!

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