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In this section we will introduce practical tips for drivers, a highway sticker, registration of cars and additional services regarding cars.

Practical Tips for Car Drivers
  • While driving, it is compulsory to have a driving license with you, to be completely sober (ZERO tolerance for alcohol and drugs), to have your seatbelts fastened and the headlights turned on. It is forbidden to manipulate manually with the phone while driving.
  • Mandatory equipment: a warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective jacket, heaver*, key for changing the tyres*, spare tyre*.
    *Does not apply when you have a 24/7 assistance service that will provide the change of the tyres.
  • During winter (1 November – 31 March): It is compulsory to use winter tyres on your car. There are some exceptions, but it is recommended to have them during that time equipped.
  • In the Czech Republic, it is possible to lose the driving licence if you are breaking rules. There are fixed penalties. For each violence of the rules you can get 2-7 points. With 12 points the driving licence will be taken away from you (more information here).
  • BIKES: It is compulsory to wear a helmet until you are 18 years old, then it is only recommended; it is compulsory to have a light on when there are worse light conditions (night, mist, etc.). There is also ZERO alcohol tolerance for the cyclists, breaking this rule can lead to losing your car driving licence.
Highway Sticker

To use the highways, it is compulsory to have the “highway sticker” that you can buy at any gasoline shop. There are 3 types (for 10 days/1 month /1 year). Do not forget to fill in the registration number of your car. See a map of tolled sections. Since 2021, you can buy Electronic Vignette online.

sticker type year – R moth – M 10 days – D
Fee 1.500 Kč 440 Kč 310 Kč
How to Register an Imported Car with Foreign License Plates?

All owners of imported vehicles from EU/non-EU countries are required to register their vehicles with the local municipality if they intend to stay in the Czech Republic for a period longer than 185 days.

Registration takes place in the Drivers agenda office (str. 30. dubna 635/35, Ostrava) in person. You will need:

  • Czech residence permit (temporary/long-term/permanent). For more info check Residence permits.
  • Mandatory liability insurance (Povinné ručení)
  • Proof of acquiring the vehicle (purchase contract, leasing contract, invoice)
  • Original technical certificate from the country of origin of the vehicle, original check-out ticket and Certificate of conformity (if issued)
  • Technical inspection with State Technical Control (STK) – technical control and measurement of emissions – protocols for an imported car consist of three documents (Technický protokol pro dovoz s přílohou, Protokol před schválením technické způsobilosti, Emisní protokol)
  • Vehicles imported from outside the EU have to go through customs clearance first (check Custom Declaration agency Zelinka)

The Registration form can be filled out at the office. You will pay administration fee 800 CZK + Ecological tax (vary from 0 CZK to 10.000 CZK).

Cars imported from non-EU countries will also be charged 1.500 CZK if the imported vehicle has a European global approval certificate (2.000 CZK if not).

How to Change the Owner of a Vehicle Already Registered in the CR?

Registration takes place in the Drivers agenda office (str. 30. dubna 635/35, Ostrava) in person. You need to bring:

  • Czech residence permit (temporary/long-term/permanent). For more info check Residence permits.
  • Vehicle “small and big” technical certificate
  • Mandatory liability insurance card – green card (Povinné ručení)
  • Registration inspection from an STK garage (evidenční kontrola)
  • Power of attorney (with notarized signature) from the non-present part is needed, both the new and the original owner need to visit the registry

The registration form can be filled out at the office. You will pay administration fee 800 CZK and you can keep the original licence plate or ask for a new one.

Additional Services

Car rentals

Car parts and accessories

Car repairs

Car cleaning/washing

Car bazaars (used cars)


In Ostrava, there is the so-called residential parking system, applied only for the city centre (and some smaller areas in Poruba and some housing estates). In real life there can be blue lines on the road signs showing that this is a regulated zone for parking. We will describe how to apply for the residential parking card below.

Parking as a Visitor

You can park anywhere, but not in the marked zones (map). In some areas you can park only 1 hour and you will need to have the blue “parking clock” inside the car (this can be bought in post offices or stationery shops). You can check the free and paid parking zones online map showing the prices. You can also use Park+Ride lots and then change to public transport. Please see the list below:

Parking as a Resident

To obtain residential parking card you have to come in person to the Municipal District Authority of Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz, Dr. Edvarda Beneše 6/555, 729 29 Ostrava and contact the clerk: Renata Jedličková 599442961.

  • A-type Parking Card (Subscription) for a natural person or a legal person with the registered seat or premises in the area, or a natural person who owns a property in the area and does not have the domicile/permanent residence in the area.

You will need to prove your business using a valid document, show your passport and the permanent residence card and a valid vehicle registration certificate (where the parking card applicant is registered as the owner or operator of the vehicle).

The price for the A-type parking card for an entrepreneur is 12,000 CZK/year in the city centre, and 6,000 CZK at the Fifejdy Housing Estate.

  • R-type Parking Card (Resident) for a person with the domicile/permanent residence in the area.

You will need: your passport and the permanent residence card and a valid vehicle registration certificate (where the parking card applicant is registered as the owner or the operator of the vehicle).

The price for the R-type parking card is 840 CZK/year for the first car and 12,000 CZK for another card in the city centre, and 360 CZK/year for the first car, 6,000 CZK for the second car and 12,000 CZK for another car at the Fifejdy Housing Estate.

Driving Licence

Czech and EU regulations recognise driving licenses that are in accordance with the “Vienna convention”. If your driving license looks the same as the specimen below you can drive with it right away, provided that it is valid. It may only be comprised of Latin characters.

EU-type of Driving Licence









The photo shows the EU type of Driving Licence. 

This means that you can drive with a foreign driving license in the Czech Republic, if:

  1. The driving license was issued by an EU member state (including EEA member state and Switzerland) or an “EU type” national driving license that meets Czech and EU regulations, and all information is in the Latin alphabet (as in the specimen above).
  2. Your national driving licence (not issued by an EU country and looking different to the specimen above), then you need an additional international driving licence document issued by the same country that issued your national driving licence. Japanese and Korean driving licences are accepted and drivers do not need an international driving licence.
Replacement/Loss of Driving Licence

You can replace your driving licence if it expired or if it is lost in the Czech Republic. This is possible only if it was issued by an EU country or it meets EU standards (specimen above). You have to visit the Drivers agenda office (ul. 30. dubna 635/35, Ostrava) in person. You will need:

  1. valid ID/passport,
  2. a valid DL issued by a foreign state (in case you wish to replace it),
  3. “affidavit” (in free form) that the applicant has not been banned by another Member State to prohibit driving, that his driving license has not been suspended or withdrawn, and, if the driving license is conditional or restricted, the scope of that condition and limitation,
  4. a document proving the habitual residence of an applicant who does not have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic or studies there for at least 6 months (over 185 days in a calendar year). You will probably need to prove this by confirmation of accommodation, confirmation of employment, by a bank account statement, and/or phone bills for the previous 6 months.

When submitting the application a photograph of the applicant is also provided on the spot, the administration fee is 200 CZK or 700 CZK for express issue within 5 business days.

Ostrava City Hall – Department of Drivers Agenda – Nikola Urbaníková, tel.: +420 599 444 503, email:

Obligation for non-EU Citizens

The holder of a valid driving license issued by a foreign state (non-EU country), who has a temporary/permanent residence or temporary stay in the Czech Republic for more than 1 year is obliged to apply for its replacement for a Czech driving license within 3 months. You will need:

  1. Czech Residence Card (long-term/temporary/permanent)
  2. a foreign driving license*, the replacement of which is requested

An application for issuing a driving license may be submitted in person or on one’s behalf on the basis of power of attorney. An application is filled in at the counter at the Drivers Agenda Office ul. 30. dubna 635/35, Ostrava.

*If foreign driving license looking different to the specimen above (Vienna convention), you will have to apply to driving licence in the Czech driving school.

Driving Schools (Autoškola)

You can apply for a Czech driving licence if you have been living here for at least 6 months (you will need to prove this through an accommodation contract, work contact, relation with Czech citizen, etc.) and doctors health check, but the driving school usually helps with the process. Also, an official English interpreter must be present at the final exam, but again, the driving school can help with that.


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