Czech cuisine, especially the simple and regional ones, is balanced and refined.

Lunch Menu

For the Czechs the main meal of the day is definitely lunch not dinner. Almost all restaurants serve a so-called „business“ or “lunch menu” between 11 am to 2 pm on weekdays. These menus also including soup and are of good quality, reasonable price, and also light enough to let everyone carry on with their business activities afterwards. They cost only around 110 crowns (about 4 Euro). All meals are prepared in advance so they can be served immediately and eaten within the 30-minute lunch break. You can check the types of lunch menus online at or

Ordering from Home For those who would like to use a delivery service to your office or home, you can order online, e.g. from, or Wolt (similar to Uber Eats).

List of Restaurants by Trip Advisor

There are several restaurants with decades of traditions, but increasingly there are new and modern places appearing to cater for high-quality and novel recipes. Check full list by Trip advisor.

Wolt food delivery service in Ostrava, source:


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