Public transport

Public Transport

Ostrava has made efforts to have fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly public transport (referred to by the Czech abbreviation “MHD” = municipal public transport). Trams, trolleybuses and buses are all well interconnected in Ostrava. The lines operate day and night and run according to a schedule which is usually a bit less frequent on weekends, public holidays and nights. They are run by a company supported and subsidised by the City of Ostrava: ‘DPO’ (= Transport Enterprises of Ostrava).

You can find the schedule at the stops of the respective lines, or you can plan your trip using the internet application of IDOS (= Integrated Transport System). We highly recommend to download a mobile app (named IDOS) or alternatively app “Moje DPO“, where you can search for connections and also for nearby stops using GPS.

source of image: DPO

General Fares

Ostrava is the first city in the Czech Republic to introduce the paperless fare: there are no more paper tickets. Instead, standard contactless bank cards, ODISka pre-paid cards and Credit Tickets are used.

The only exception to the paperless solution are 24-hour and 3-day paper tickets targeted mainly at tourists. There are 24-hour XXL paper tickets (for CZK 100, i.e. about 4 EUR). The 3-day XXL paper ticket is available for CZK 250 (about 10 EUR), as well as a 24 hour XXL “Group Ticket” for as many as 5 people for CZK 200 (approximately 8 EUR).

There are reduced fares available, too. People born before 1st of January 1946 (65 years of age or older) travel free of charge and need to have an ID on them when using the public transport to prove their age. Children starting from the age of 6 and students under the age of 26 have reduced fares, too.

Another way to save money is to buy a weekly, monthly, or 365-day ticket. Also, the distance and the zones through which you travel (outside Ostrava) will have an impact on the fare, so it is worth really choosing the prepaid card of the “right size”.

How to Buy a Ticket? Tap&Ride With Your Bank Card

You can use your regular contactless bank card (also mobile pass) immediately after getting on at the payment terminal inside the carriage. The payment terminal has English inbuilt in the menu. Sometimes it happens that a foreign bank card does not work, it depends on the individual setting. A regular 60 min. ticket costs CZK 30. A 10 min. ticket costs CZK 23. After activating this ticket, you must tap after getting on as well as when getting off. 

Also, please keep on mind that for larger luggage (including a bicycle or a pair of skis) or for a dog on the leash you have to buy an extra ticket (if you do not have a pre-paid long term ticket – see further on). The price is CZK 15 for a 60 minute ticket. Long-time ticket holders in purchased tariff zones and holders of 3-day and 24-hour tickets can carry one bag (including a bicycle) and a dog free of charge.

Credit Ticket (Anonymous Rechargeable Card)

A Credit Ticket is a simple anonymous chip card that can be bought at vending machines, at the main Points of Sales or at some private vendors. The minimum credit on the card is CZK 100 (the card is free) and you can pay either with Czech banknotes or Euro banknotes (no coins), or with your bank card.

The Credit Ticket can be “recharged” repeatedly and then simply used with the payment terminals in the carriages, similarly as ODISka and its “electronic purse” or bank cards.


How to Get the ODISka Card and an Electronic Coupon to Go With It

ODISka is a plastic card and it is used as a long-term coupon holder and a wallet which can be used i.e. for paying in suburban buses. You can order the card online via ODISka eshop, which will require registration and uploading your photo. Then there are as many as 3 weeks before your ODISka is ready for you to collect for CZK 130 (for issuing ODISka within 3 days the fee is higher: CZK 300). Only after receiving ODISka can you buy a long-term coupon online. The price is based on the volume of services you will be using, such as the length of use, distances etc. The ODISka and the coupon together form the complete fully valid travel document. The system also works for trains, long-distance coaches and intercity transport generally, and so you can plan your journeys from door-to-door. When buying in the e-shop it takes 4 hours before it is activated and can be used.

Do I Always Need to Have ODISka?

No. There is another option. You can also buy a long-term ticket to accompany your regular contactless bank card (also a mobile pass) without buying the ODISka card. For this you register your bank card at and then buy the long-term coupon online. When buying it in the eshop it takes 4 hours before it starts to be activated and can be used. Also please keep in mind that the long-term coupon used with your regular contactless card is valid only in the vehicles of the Ostrava public transport company, but not in the suburban buses or trains.

SMS Virtual “Ticket”

Another shortcut option for the occasional use of public transport is an SMS virtual “ticket” (works only with Czech Mobile Operators O2 Czech Republic, T-Mobile, Vodafone, U:fon). Please never get on without the SMS confirmation of the validity of your ticket as you could be fined.

SMS tickets pricing:

  • 70 minutes, full fare, CZK 35, SMS text: DPO70, send to: 902 06
  • 70 minutes reduced fare, CZK 17,  SMS text: DPO70Z, send to 902 06
  • 24 hours, full fare, CZK 100, SMS text: DPO24, send to 902 06
  • 24 hours, reduced fare, CZK 50, SMS text: DPO24Z, send to 902 06
Ticket Inspection

Ticket inspectors work both day and night. They do not wear any uniforms, but they will show you their official badges. When in doubt, you may ask them for their ID card (it must have the same number as their badge). The inspectors have the right to film your interaction and – if you do not have a valid “ticket” or coupon – they have the right to ask to see your passport or residence card.

Also, a ticket inspector will ask you to check your card against the payment terminal: for these cases the terminal will be reset into a “review” or “inspection” mode (it will not charge you any money).


If you do not have a valid “ticket” you will be fined CZK 1,500. You can either pay on the spot, or later at the transport office Point of Sales. If you pay within 7 days the fine is reduced to CZK 1,000. If you own a valid pass and just didn’t have it on you, bring it to the main city transport office within the next 5 working days and you will then be charged only CZK 40 as a fine. If you don’t want to pay on the spot and you are not carrying your passport or ID, the ticket inspectors will call the Foreign Police in order to confirm your identity. In all cases the ticket inspectors are obliged to give you a written record of your fine and a receipt with their signature. Please make sure not to leave any debts unsettled as the fines can be claimed even from abroad. The fees grow exponentially if the debt from a fine needs to be collected from you later.

  • Customer centre: Point of Sales - City centre

    Mo-Fri: 7 am – 6 pm

    • Poděbradova 494/2,, Moravská Ostrava
  • Point of Sales - Ostrava South

    Mo-Fri: 7 am - 5:30 pm

    • Horní 1664/63a, 700 30 Ostrava-Jih
  • Point of Sales - Poruba

    Mo-Fri: 7 am - 5 pm

    • Opavská 1140, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba
  • Point of Sales - Výškovice (Kotva)

    Mo-Fri: 7 am - 5 pm

    • Výškovická 3067/116a, 700 30 Ostrava–Výškovice

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