How to pick “your location” for living in Ostrava?

by Tereza Klozíková – Real Estate Agent

Where should I live in Ostrava?

Why should you read this? If you are struggling to decide where would be the best for you to settle in during your stay in Ostrava, should it be long term or short term, let me help you. 

Let me also help you with the understanding that no matter where you decide to live, you will be able to get to all the other places quite well, as the public transport here is very reliable. I lived in the UK for 7 years and for me, to use public transport from one town to another was almost a heroic act. Not here, not in Ostrava.

Let’s start with the obvious – the Town centre

In the town centre itself the properties are little more expensive than the rest of Ostrava (for obvious reasons), however if you decide to choose this location, let me help you to better understand what you are getting for the higher price.

It is not just any town centre; it has its own magic! The number of restaurants, clubs and cafes is enormous. Imagine waking up in the morning – having a coffee and croissant in the local café right down at your doorstep. Then you either go to work or school, which is still very close to you and after – you guessed it! Socialising time! Would you like a drink? Dinner? Shisha? Cinema? Or just a walk in the park? Ostrava has it all.


If you are looking specifically to live in Poruba, it is either because you came here to study at the Vysoká škola Báňská, or to work near Pustkovec area. Luckily, Poruba is quite large so you will be more than likely to find your dream accommodation. To start with, you can stay at the dorms, or I can help you with a search for your dream property if you are planning to stay here

for at least half a year or longer. As I explained in my previous blog, many flat owners don’t speak English so with the help from me, you can get any flat you would like.

The public transport works very well here, so if you are looking for a flat for a good price, search a little further than walking distance from uni, or offices. I would recommend area near Duha. If you want something better, have a look near Hlavní třída, or near the swimming pool area.

If you fancy a great food, clubs or shops look at Hlavní třída. If you want to go for a walk, you have the forest near Duha area, just off the Oty Synka street, or if you have more time, check out Plesná area, which is considered to be a luxury housing area with great access to the town centre. For shopping purposes, apart from many supermarkets, you can visit shopping centre inthe centre of Poruba, or Géčko, which is area just on the way to Plesná.

Ostrava – South

Right, here we enter the cheaper location for accommodation with great access to the town centre or Poruba via public transport. You should consider living here if you are working in the Hrabová industrial zone, studying at any uni or want to be close to nature. The only reason why this location is cheaper than others is, you don’t have as many clubs and restaurants as you have in the other areas, but saying that, there is Kotva shopping area, or Shopping Park, so in my opinion – everything you might need is here!

If you just moved to Ostrava and are on a lower budget, check this area out! There is a lot of warehouse work to start off your life. Warehouses are in the Hrabová industrial area, and Ostrava South is also close to Frýdek Místek where you have even more opportunities for work to start with, mainly in automobile industry such as the Hyundai factory.

Ostrava South is also 30 mins to the mountains so if you like hiking, it is actually one of the best options.

Other than that, Ostrava Expat Centre is very active in their programme so if you fancy a hiking trip, quick latin dance, or to learn something new, make sure you stay tuned with what they have going on.


Author: Tereza Klozíková – Real Eastate Agent

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