Me – a wanderer? Only in Moravian-Silesian Region! 

by Beata, Ostrava Expat Centre Intern

We all know that, because of ‘You-Know-Who’, we are less prone to activity, especially physical activity. Surprisingly, in my case it is the opposite these times. At least when it comes to trekking or exploring nature. 

During my first two months in Ostrava I have visited more places than probably in the whole last year or more. And this is partly because of my friends from my dormitory who encouraged me to travel around Moravian-Silesian Region. 

As I mentioned above, I am not that much fit and physically active but I did enjoy so much each of our journeys. Let me share with you some of them. 

Velký Javorník
For a Velký Javorník trip I joined Spanish friends. We took a train to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm and started our hike there. The route was really pleasant, we passed by a ski jumping hill and followed the path which at the end was a bit challenging for me. But the view from the top was worth every effort. We spent some time chilling on the hill and enjoying beautiful weather that day. Visiting the view tower on Velký Javorník was also a must. 

Velký Javorník is the highest point in the Veřovice Hills (918 m). The mountain offers a hiking lodge & lookout tower. 

Štramberk is a really lovely town. You can feel kind of mountain vibes and atmosphere there. Obviously, its heart is the castle and the center of a town where you can find many souvenirs and selling stands. You have to try Štramberské uši there. Personally, I really enjoyed nature around and went to Bílá Hora (starting from Kopřivnice) and Kotouč with a limestone quarry below which really amazed me. 

I went to Štramberk alone. Even now I wonder how on earth did I force myself to go there on my own… The picture should explain everything though. 

Now, in case you are going to claim that the pictures above were taken in friendly weather conditions and for me it’s easy to say that my trips were successful. Here, take a look at a photo from Pustevny. Wet, snow, ice, but above all – good mood! 

Remember, there is nothing like bad weather, these are only bad clothes that you wear ;). 

Last but not least (just the opposite, in fact – the best!) place I’ve visited so far is Praděd. If you are looking for a winter atmosphere, this is a perfect destination. My tip for you is to bring a sledge or something suitable for sledding since this is the most entertaining and fun way to have your way back from the mountain peak. Lots of fun guaranteed! 

Looks like Narnia! 

These are only a few places that I highly recommend you to visit in Ostrava’s neighbourhood. For sure, there are many more of them you can find yourself. I strongly encourage you to go and see these beautiful places around. Before coming here I would never have thought that so many lovely places are hidden here. Now it’s your turn to discover them. And it is me – rather a stay-at-home person – who’s telling you to do so. 

Finally, there is one thing I have to ask you for. Please, be reasonable with travels you take. Respect other people’s health and do not risk infection. Our safety is more important. 

Anyways, have a good and healthy time! 



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