Ostrava Expat Centre helps in my Packaging transfer

by Prity, an Indian student at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

I had a really good experience with Ostrava Expat Centre who helped me from beginning to the end towards my packaging which I shipped from India. It all started with my home country India, where I have parcelled some household items like clothing, shoes, Utensils and tennis, badminton racquet. I have couriered these items from India to Ostrava where my coming to Ostrava was very uncertain due to the extreme covid situation in India and restrictions were banned for Indians to directly enter to the Czech Republic. Since my courier was out for delivery, I requested Ostrava Expat Centre (Alena Danielova) to take my package and keep it with them for some time till I reach Ostrava. The Expat Centre has been kind and helpful to me by agreeing on the package. But it was not an easy way that I sent the package from India and Expat Centre was supposed to receive it. There were lots of challenges were there in receiving my packages. Even though I paid the amount in advance for sending the packages from India, when the package arrived in Prague there were some VAT taxes the courier company was charging from the recipient (i.e., Expat Centre). Since I Have already paid for the household items, there was no question of VAT taxes to come in between. In this situation Expat Centre really helped me in dealing with some paperwork and constantly being in touch with the courier company towards my hassle-free journey of package arriving. Finally, after a struggle of 2-3 weeks of package issues, finally I received my package with the help of Ostrava Expat Centre. I am thankful to Alena Danielova, and Expat people who helped me in getting settled here smoothly. Without their help, it would have been difficult for me in getting my packages.    


Prity Sinha


Student at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava.

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