About us

Our promise is:

“We make life easier for the internationals and their families who come to live and work in Ostrava.“

Ostrava Expat
Centre is

The Place Where New Stories Begin

A friendly contact place for Expats

Established, supported and funded by the City of Ostrava.

A team of people

Dedicated to developing an open environment for integrating foreign nationals and their families into the job market and supporting them – via the Expat Centre’s Specialised Partners Community – to get involved in the social life of the City and the region.

A key partner for the Municipality

Local and international employers, relevant service providers, organisations, communities, and other important regional institutions in:

  • communication with Expats,
  • enabling the foreign nationals living and working in the region to contribute with their best qualifications, talents, skills and competencies,
  • finding the ways of making the Expats’ leisure time a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

For the expats
we provide

More info

Free public information service

Contacts to institutions, orientation in resources and contractors’ offers as well as networking especially for skilled professionals, students and researchers from abroad, including also their family members, who:

  • already work and live in the Ostrava region, or
  • are considering moving into the region.


Educational, knowledge sharing, adaptation, networking and social.

Electronic space and content through social network channels

Facebook, Instagram, our monthly newsletter and this website.

We are
here to

Encourage, support and empower

Employees, managers, higher officials, specialists, entrepreneurs and their families as well as foreign students and researchers from abroad to make the best of living and working in the Ostrava region,  and to enjoy making it their home.

Keep cultivating and developing the EC’s Specialised Partners Community

Important institutions, organisations,  employers, universities, agencies, foreigners’ clubs and “Expat Friendly“ commercial services’ providers.

“Soften the landing“

For those who are moving into the Ostrava region by providing “One-Stop-Shop“ information about important areas and topics, such as transportation, getting around Ostrava, finding a suitable home, health care, culture, etc.

We can connect you with people, options, organisations and new opportunities.

Our team

Anna Durajová

Event Manager

Vendula Margaretis Rechová

Brand Manager

Elena Rozhkova

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Zuzana Tvrdá

Language Corrector

And of course our precious volunteering Buddies: the Companions.

Volunteering Locals, as well as seasoned Expats who are already well-settled in Ostrava, can offer the freshly arrived International their experience, advice and company. The Ostrava Expat Centre “Companions“ Pool of Buddies forms a special and a much-appreciated part of the Expat Community.

Main Partners

Ostrava Expat Centre was born because the city of Ostrava recognized the need to support the expats who decided to move here. We are powered by Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre.

Partners and Supporters

We are pleased to introduce you to our partners who share the same values, vision, passion and strongly support our project.

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