Partner Programme

We encourage the recruitment and adaptation processes in companies that employ expats and foreigners. Companies that join our Partner Programme can profit from the services we offer. We support companies and their departments (e.g. marketing, HR) with advertising and through the activities listed below under the section “Individual services”.

We make life easier for the internationals and their families who come to live and work in Ostrava.

Individual Service

1) Are you looking for employees and want/need to employ foreigners?

For connecting the foreigners and companies, the Ostrava Expat Centre organises “JobFairs”, or their faster version “JobDating”. These services are charged.

2) Have you already hired foreigners?

Administrative support If you are trying to overcome the administrative challenges connected to employing foreigners the Ostrava Expat Centre can provide information and tips and you can also order more extensive support (in which case it would be charged).

Inter-cultural induction, training and workshops If you have already hired foreigners and would like them to be more oriented in the Czech culture and the specific aspects of living in the region of Ostrava, we are ready to deliver intercultural induction training for individual employees or workshops for groups. These programmes are paid and can be organised at the employer’s premises or in the Expat Centre

Various programmes ranging from general orientation in living in the Czech Republic, such as taxation, social benefits, pension, health care, politics, labour code, intercultural communication, Czech business culture, Ostrava leisure etc., to Intercultural Advanced Courses for teams of employees with mixed cultural backgrounds. All these programmes can be adapted to the particular employer’s needs. These courses complement and expand on the obligatory “Integration Course“.

3) Do you need an interpreter for your employees?

If you need an interpreter for your employees, we can recommend an interpreter for your employees to accompany them anywhere where they need to go. This is a paid service.

4) Want to stay informed?

Our regular newsletter is published monthly. Both employees and employers can subscribe to it directly from this website. By doing so, you can always be informed in advance about professional and leisure events suited to the expats’ needs in the wider region of Ostrava and in the Ostrava Expat Centre

Any other needs?
Please contact us to discuss options and opportunities.