Close To The Nature

An outdoor trip for expats and their children

Event Goal: 

To show the expats a beautiful place in nature easily accessible by bus from Ostrava. An opportunity for a trip during the weekend to nature without complicated travel by car. The place also has an interesting history – see below.


  • September 4th, 2021
  • 2:15 pm
  • Bus station Rektorát VŠB (easily accessible by tram no. 8, or by car – parking right in front of the building), map here. Free parking place is available close to the bus station.
  • Map of the trip is here

We will take the bus no. 75 from Rektorát VŠB station at 2:31 pm to stop Děhylov žel.stanice for about 10 minutes. (The price for the bus ticket is 20 Kč). You can pay in the bus via your credit card.

There is a parking place in front of the bus station Děhylov žel. stanice for those, who want to come by car but it is NOT recommended – the trip ends at a different place.

The trip will last about 4 hours. 

The estimated arrival time back to Rektorát VŠB is 5:28 pm or 6:28 pm

Akce sa uskuteční jenom za příznivého počasí.

We recommend taking with you:

Mobile phone, water and pocket money.


Option A (primary):

Direction of the route – follow the green tourist sign in the direction of Dobroslavice and then from Dobroslavice along the green dashed trail (NS From Dobroslavice to Děhylov). In Děhylov, get back and take bus 75 to Ostrava. Everything according to the time and strength of the participants.

Option B (secondary):

If very small children take part in the trip, it is only possible to walk to Dobroslavice and return the same way.

  1. part of the route: From the stop Děhylov žel. station (where we get off the bus) – to Dobroslavice
  1. part of the route: Nature trail from Dobroslavice to Děhylov (from Pizzeria Kuželna in Dobroslavice to the bus stop Děhylov rozsc.)

What will happen during the event:

  • Ongoing tasks

During the whole trip, the participants will fulfil the 2 ongoing tasks. Materials will be distributed at the beginning of the event (eg. at the bus stop)

  • Refreshment stop (according to strength, weather and age of participants)

If there is a mood, participants can fill 2 worksheets – If the participants can fill 2 worksheets they will have a refreshment stop…

Alternatively, a mention of Lake Hlučín.

  • A brief explanation of the destination

Dobroslavice – a brief mention of the history of Dobroslavice, as well as other surrounding villages, which were almost destroyed at the end of World War II during the Ostrava-Opava operation; the destiny of the ex – chateau, after which only the chateau park and game reserve remained, a possible mention of the development of the language situation in the area of ​​Hlučín and Těšín Silesia, where languages ​​were mixed (Czech, Polish, German) + a strong Jewish element. Visual material will also be prepared.

Interpretation will be led by: Martina Plchová

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