Czech Tax System

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Dear expats!

Did you ever find yourself lost in the world of taxes?  Don`t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know about the tax system in the Czech republic in human language so that even laymen can understand. 

Webinar program:

1️⃣ Introduction

2️⃣ How to legal income in the Czech republic (type of work contracts (work contract, DPP, DPČ, OSVČ), we will explain the differences between them along with some forms (for example “pink paper”) that are connected to these contract)

3️⃣ How to pay tax social security and medicare (we will explain the differences of paying tax social security and medicare regarding the different types of work contracts)

4️⃣ Applicable deductions for ex-pats (Which tax allowances can be used by ex-pat employees working in the Czech republic?)

5️⃣ How to apply for the deductions? (There are two options and we will explain the differences between them)

6️⃣ When you should file your tax return anyway?

7️⃣ How to file your tax return?

8️⃣ Payslip (we will explain the 15% income tax and taxpayer discount and where to look for this information on the payslip)

9️⃣ Special cases and interesting facts (We will end the webinar with information about how to file a tax return with income from multiple countries and how to determine the tax domicile)

The whole event is led by NeoTax:

“We are a Czech company that provides tax services for Czech and Slovak residents, for ex-pats working in the Czech or Slovak republic, and also for residents who are working abroad. Our team of professionals operate in the field of taxes and accounting since 2012, so we have a lot of experience.

We know that taxes can be very difficult that is why we invented a very simple online application where truly anybody can do their taxes without a blink of an eye. These days we are offering our services all around the world and we can file your tax return or help with most of the tax return requests in most of the EU countries.”


Ivo Brabec has been dealing with tax issues since 1999, and he is particularly focusing on connecting cross-border tax issues. In his business, he tries to connect his great hobby, which is IT with taxes. That is why he is also behind the development of NeoTax applications, which focuses on a wide range of tax services all around the world. He is also behind the Czech Republic’s number one product for filing tax returns, His goal is for the clients to be able to solve taxes from the comfort of their homes.

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