Czech Tax System for Freelancers

Everything you ever wanted to know about taxes in Czech.

Personal income taxation:
1. Who has to do tax return and who does not need to
2. Deadlines
3. How to count my taxes (real expenditure, flat % expenditure, taxes x insurances)
4. Discounts from taxes (blood donation, donation generally, children, wife on maternity leave, insurances etc.)
5. Form filling step by step – freelancers
6. Other duties of freelancers (medical insurance report, social security report)
7. General discussion

Focus for communication:
▪️ Online discussion with tax expert about tax return and tax form
▪️ Important advice how to filling form – step by step – for freelancers
▪️ Advices and tips how to apply some discounts
▪️ Do freelancers know about other duties?

Martin Tyšer, CEO and Co-founder of (accounting for 21. century) will answer these and other questions!

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