Enrolling children to primary school

Enrolling children to primary school = zápis do školy is right around the corner. That´s why OEC brings you the LIVE STREAM at FACEBOOK about this topic!

We’ll talk about:

How the Czech school system works
What you should look at and ask about when choosing a school
By when children should be registered
Process of selection when there are too many children registered
How It works with home-schooling
And more – depending on your needs…

This webinar will be led by Bc. Kateřina Wroblowská.

Mom of 2 boys – 6 and 20 years old.

Currently works as a free-lance interpreter (English-Czech), language tutor (Czech for foreigners, tailor-made English courses) and has an on-line business. She has spent over 20 years in teaching and different aspects of education have been her passion for many years.

See you live!

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