Expat Centre Festival

Feel the Christmas in OEC

Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere already?

We hope so! On the 17th of December we are going to celebrate Christmas at OEC on the best way: together!

At this day, all of our regular events will happen at the same time!
Join us for a match on the board games room, create beautiful Christmas wishes with Elena and the Women Club, show your talent performing on the Music Club, or simply sit back and enjoy the live music with Marek and the others.

And to emphasize the Christmas atmosphere we will prepare hot wine, traditional “cukroví” and other refreshments!

This event is very special for the OEC team because it is also the last one at this office!

We hope to see you all on December 17 from 5:00!

!! Stay tuned and follow current regulations!!

Description for Women Club part:

Hey, Ladies! Good communication is never enough, my honest opinion))) Last time we were relaxing, so it’s time for New Year crafting. I know you miss it, hihihihi. Popup postcards, darlings! Everything we will need, Expat Centre will gladly provide us, but if you have your favourite glitters or papers, you are welcome to bring them with you. The same time in the next room Music Club will sing us some Christmas carols, it would be great! Let’s enjoy and share the atmosphere, share some Christmas stories and stay together for a few hours more) Same place on 17th of December, from 17:00. Merry and mostly bright, Elena


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