Fajna Dílna Welcome Day

Community Event

Did you know that there is a place in Ostrava where you can use your creative? We would like to introduce you Fajna dilna – the first public workshop and craft incubator in Ostrava. 

Ostrava Expat Centre, in cooperation with Fajna dilna, has prepared an Welcome Day with an English-speaking guide for you.  In addition to tours of the workshop itself, which conceives 7 workshop works operations are a total of 734 m2, it is the opportunity to attend one of the workshops. ⚒
You will be able to test your manual skills at these workshops:

  • sewing
  • wiring
  • portrait creation using CNC technology.

Please sing in here for your tour (9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm): https://forms.gle/bPhBakEviT9rMS5R6

Each tour is for approximately for half an hour and then follows one of the workshops, which you choose in the form. 

9 am tour is only for schools

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