Family Afternoon – Fathers’ Day

Community Event

  • Family Afternoon – Fathers’ Day
  • Enjoy a safe and pleasant movement through the park with interesting challenges for the whole family
  • Animated by:
    Brent Troncalli (outdoor specialist) – sports and outdoor challenges
    Lucy Baronova (outdoor games moderator) – mind challenges
    Bohdana Polovko (creative artist) – guidance in preparing presents for the Dads
  • Where: Komenského Sady – at the entrance to the park at Horova Street, next to Nová Radnice, under the large trees overlooking the pedestrian bridge
  • 27 June, 2020 3 pm – 7 pm
  • FREE of charge for internationals, their families and guests.
  • Ages: any age is OK and can be integrated as well as any combination of family members.
  • Bring along: light refreshments of your choice, a blanket on which you can sit and rest, a belt for a three-legged run, sunglasses and sun loation if the sun shines too much, and comfortable sporty shoes.
  • Languages: English and Czech
  • Please register the number and ages of your kids so that we can arrange the correct activities and have enough props.
  • Safety first: each family can move on its own and does not have to come too close to anyone.
  • All activities can be managed without COVID risks.
  • And a very special tip at the end: at 7 pm the New Town Hall Spire will be exceptionally opened till 11 pm to watch the sunset and twilight setting in. It is usually a breathtaking view and only comes once a year!

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