Happy Hour #vol.3

Community Event

Hello Expats from Ostrava! And Happy New Year!

We would like to start by asking a simple question: Have you planned any resolutions for 2021? Which ones?

Well, it’s safe to say that no one will really miss 2020. And now that 2021 is finally here, it’s natural to reflect on our lives and what we might want to change from now on.
But after the madness that was last year, it is fair to expect that many of our New Year’s resolutions will also be different this year and maybe a bit more tricky to accomplish.

In this edition of Happy Hour, we will discuss together about how to make possible New Year’s resolutions during the lockdown/crazy Covid times.

Soo, prepare your favourite drink, a glass of wine, a cold beer or even a cup of coffee (with or without whisky?) and join us for our Happy hour#vol.3! See you there!

Lecteur: Rayse Praková

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