How to Make a Trade Licence

Masterclass Series

  • A step-by-step procedure for the self-employment
  • By: Zita Řezáčová, the contact person at the Trade Licence Office, Ostrava Municipality
  • What you will learn:
    ❓Where to find all relevant information in English
    ❓How to choose the right trade(s) for yourself
    ❓What documents to prepare and bring along (some of them signed) by other subjects
    ❓How to find the contact person at the Trade Licence Office
    ❓How much it costs the first time and when you want a change later
    ❓What should be your next steps
  • For whom: For anyone who wants to start a new business and become an entrepreneur
  • For Expats and their families only: FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Do not miss the chance to have your questions answered by the expert.
  • What you will need: a computer, a microphone and loudspeakers/headset, a web camera.

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