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CANCELED!!! How to start a business in the best way in today’s dynamic time

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The capacity is currently full!!!

The methodology used is generally used to Lean startup business. This methodology is not only applicable to technological or scalable startups, but it can also be successfully implemented in the classic type of business (trade, retail, services, etc.)

Our proposal is to go through at least the basics about these following stages:

  • Motivation – every business is based on the founder and creator. It is important to work with their visions and keep the motivation.
  • Ideas / challenges / opportunities – this phase deals with finding suitable market opportunities and capturing them correctly
  • Team – team composition (optional part)
  • Plan A mapping – mapping the original idea/intention and understanding correctly your customer’s needs
  • Research – verification and validation ideally directly with potential customers
  • Summary – incorporation of feedback into the business plan
  • Prototype – a good output is a specific prototype or a design for a prototype. Alternatively, this part can be replaced by a roadmap, which sets out a plan for further action.


Ing. Dalibor Šimek, Ph.D. and Ing Martin Klepek, Ph.D. “In addition to working at the university (Dalibor Šimek teaches and studies innovations and business and Martin is involved in Marketing), both of our lecturers have been actively doing business for some time. They have their own consulting / agency business, Proud consulting.”

Dear expats, please, take a time and think about these topics. 

Please, write short notes for each point.

  1. I want to do business, but I don’t know what, with whom and how.
  2. I have an idea for a business!
  3. I have a business plan in progress!
  4. I have a start-up business and I have already the first paying customer!
  5. I have a working business!


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