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  • Have you ever made a selfie but it did not look as good as in a professional journal? Well, this may change now.
  • You can join a very special creativity workshop along with other expats and friends who want to learn simple tips and tricks how to instantly upgrade their skills and start producing simply “GREAT” selfies. – A useful thing for the times when the masks will not be worn any more, right?
  • FREE of charge for Expats & their Families + invited Czech friends.
  • For whom? For anyone who likes beautiful photos and selfies. Age span 10-100 years. Czech and English can be used during the workshop.
  • Contents: Professional composition, light and “how to look at your best” guidance from a professional artist and stage designer Bohdana Polovko. She really knows how to make your selfies look great and what is more: she will share with you the professional secrets.
  • A good selfie is a combination of basic principles of taking photos and creativity. The workshop concentrates on the right composition and light. The participants learn tips and tricky how to make an interesting selfie out of a routine one. We will also mention apps to quickly process your selfies. We are looking forward to meeting you on-line.
  • What you will need: a computer, a microphone and loudspeakers/headset, a web camera.
  • Sharing is caring: yes, you may share and also bring along a friend from the Czech community so that you may practice later together.

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