Language Theatre Workshop

Community Event

  • A 500 years old secret! Languages are best practiced by PLAYING THEATRE!
  • So let us have time to play hard and develop your English OR Czech in an easy way in a relaxed friendly atmosphere!
    Short English and Czech Theatre Sketches will be rehearsed and also “staged” within one day. We start at 2 pm – and already for 5 pm you can invite the audience of your choice as we put on stage what we have practiced in the afternoon!
  • Great for PRONUNCIATION practice. Best free learning ever. Native speakers involved to guide you. Fun – and you are allowed to use the text sometimes☺
  • In our large and well-aired rooms we can arrange up to 5 smaller groups to practice Theatre-Reading and also Theatre-Playing. The texts are easy and a great fun to play. If it is hot, we can move out to the park.
  • No costumes, minimum props, just fun. Scripts provided on the spot.
  • Creative bonus: you can also choose not to follow any script and SEMI-IMPROVISE with us a happening: “Little Red Riding Hood in the Corona Times”. Just imagine the Wolf mask howling “…..” from under the mask!
  • Lunch: in a nearby restaurant during the lunch break or you can bring your own food.
  • Time: 2pm – 6pm.
  • Free of charge!
  • sing up at email:
  • For ages: 10 – 100.
  • Languages: English or Czech can be chosen by the groups.
  • For language levels: lower intermediate and above – to the native speaker level.
  • Please share and bring your friends along. OR come on your own and make new friends right on the spot!

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