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Museum Night with Expat Centre Music Club

Come and play, sit along or just listen!

17.00-22.00 Expats & Locals Together

An exhibition of 20 creatives – 10 local and 10 international artists, makers and entrepreneurs who will present their projects in the newly renovated Futureum Museum.
Who can you look forward to? Illustrators, painters, sculptors, fashion designers, travelers and photographers are exhibiting.

You can meet well-known brands and names such as Bagind, Tasmanskaya, Doodlik or professionals who are working in their field on a global level such as nail designer Michaela Jančíková or Barbora Sika.

The programme will also include a presentation of the Ostrava Expat Centre, which offers expats information services, relocation and adaptation support in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as well as community events, educational and development events. Ostrava Expat Centre is the umbrella of the exhibition Expats & Locals Together.

17.30-20.00 Music Club

A performance by the Ostrava Expat Centre amateur music club, made up of expats, musicians from different parts of the world, united by their passion for music, friendliness and for Ostrava.

Come and play, sing along or just listen, enjoy and support the musicians!

This time in FUTUREUM | DOV

What is the Music Club? Ostrava Expat centre opens its doors every month for all the music fans! Just bring your instrument or sing with us. We can also try to rehearse and play your favourite songs.

If you just prefer to sit back, listen and relax, you are also welcome! Come to enjoy the atmosphere and meet new people! 

Are you joining us today?

A special offer of drinks from the Marvin’s bar is available until 10 p.m., including snacks.

Free entry


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