Ostrava Stories 3D Collages

Creative Event

  • Feeling Creative? Join a very special Creativity workshop along with other freewheeling artists from our region. Let us create alongside each other 3 dimensional collages showing our ROOTS connecting with our PRESENT STORY in OSTRAVA. Watch the short film invitation and share! And: you can bring along your friends from the local community! How: Professional composition guidance and tips from Elena Rozhkova, the creative Eventainer.
  • And the very best thing: A real EXHIBITION of the printed collages in Ostrava Expat Centre to take place already on 29th JUNE!
  • Small preparation: Please find and bring along copies of photos of yourself and your life before coming to the Ostrava region + photos of yourself and your present life in Ostrava.
  • What you will need: Adhesives (glue) might come in handy, scissors, paints and brushes (we shall provide some, but maybe you prefer yours), colourful straps of paper, cloth or other material, newspaper and photos from journals cloth or other material. If you like you can paste to the collage small objects – or even fit all the material on one larger object and make it really 3D bombastic!
  • The event is FREE OF CHARGE for the Internationals and their creative friends.
  • For whom: English, Czech and Spanish can be used and the participants can be of any age between 12 and 100.
  • Please download: a presentation with more information and a list of needed material.

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