Ostrava Stories Digital Collages

Creative Event

  • Feeling Creative? Join a very special Creativity workshop along with other freewheeling artists from our region. Let us create alongside each other 3 dimensional collages showing our ROOTS connecting with our PRESENT STORY in OSTRAVA. Watch the short film invitation and share! And: you can bring along your friends from the local community! How: Professional composition guidance and tips from Elena Rozhkova, the creative Eventainer.
  • And the very best thing: A real EXHIBITION of the printed collages in Ostrava Expat Centre to take place already on 29th JUNE!
  • Small preparation: please collect digital versions of photos of yourself and your life before coming to the Ostrava region + photos of yourself and your present life in Ostrava.
  • What you will need: a laptop of your own, a mouse (nice to have), Microsoft Powerpoint (also Google based free of charge version would work), or Keynote for Mac. Prepared photos of yourself, your past and Ostrava in a folder.
  • The event is FREE OF CHARGE for the Internationals and their creative friends.
  • For whom: English, Czech and Spanish can be used and the participants can be of any age between 12 and 100.
  • Please download: a presentation with more information and a list of needed material.

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