Ostrava Women Club

Love has dozens of faces.

The February session will definitely be about love. Love has dozens of faces, it is the center of our existence. It is the unending theme. So let`s pick a small piece of the Love universe – talk about the anatomy of love between partners.

Does it exist in a pure sense? Can it last forever? How to give a life to love? Does free love has the chance to live? Do educated people loveless? Does love differ from country to country? And a lot of other questions that appear in our heads.

While deeply enjoying the thoughts of love anatomy, enjoy this super sweet animation by Puuung: 

Waiting forward to your thoughts and stories, Ladies!

Link for the online meeting: https://meet.google.com/par-dquo-oeu

For this meeting, we agreed to wear or to have with us something RED  just for fun! We hope to see you all there! 

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