Types of Work Contracts

Masterclass Series

  • What can you sign and what you can expect from various types of job contracts and their possible combination with the Trade Licence Activities
  • By: Mgr. Martin Hykel, a lawyer from 3Advokáti
    ❓What is good to know before signing a contract?
    ❓Is this contract good for me? How do I recognise it?
    ❓What does the type of the contract mean and what do the abbreviations DPP and DPČ stand for?
    ❓What types of contracts are advantageous for me if I am here for only a few years / for longer? Am I on the safe side when something goes wrong and the employer cancels my job overnight?
    ❓What social security gives me this or the other Job contract? And ❓What if I want to combine a job contract with self-employment?
    ❓Are there any traps to avoid?
  • For whom: For anyone who is employed or wants to be employed, or is asked to carry out work as a self-employed (trade-licence activity).
  • For Expats and their families only: FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Do not miss the chance to have your questions answered by the expert.
  • What you will need: a computer, a microphone and loudspeakers/headset, a web camera.

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