The ultimate guide to Real Estate.

Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Mastery! - By Tereza Klozíková.

Join us for an exclusive event where we demystify the intricate world of real estate, offering an invaluable resource for all your property-related endeavors.

Discover the ins and outs of leasing and subleasing with our comprehensive guide led by Ostrava-based real estate agent, Tereza Klozikova. From navigating legalities to practical examples, we’ve got you covered.

🔹Sale & Purchase:
Learn the art of negotiation and the intricacies of the sales and purchase processes with insights from Tereza Klozikova. Get expert advice on sealing the deal and avoiding common pitfalls.

🔹Real Estate Essentials:
Dive deep into the crucial aspects of real estate, including mortgages, insurance policies, energy considerations, internet setup, and more. Uncover the legislation, procedures, and practical tips that go beyond what you’ll find on the internet.

🔹International Insights:
Gain unique perspectives on real estate, including navigating the land registry and understanding the intricacies of land ownership.

🔹Practical Tips & Tricks:
Benefit from practical tips and arm yourself with knowledge on how to proceed correctly and negotiate effectively.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or an expat navigating the real estate landscape, this event, led by Ostrava’s very own real estate expert, Tereza KlozĂ­ková, is your one-stop guide to making informed decisions and securing your dream property.

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