Welcome Day and Art Exhibition Opening

Feature Event

  • The very first art EXHIBITION opening at the Ostrava Expat Centre!
    The idea: This is only an ADVANCE for the GRAND OPENING to be held later this year.
  • Due to the distancing regulations we shall have the WELCOME DAY extended over hours from 10am to 8pm to be able to welcome more visitors over time.
  • What is on display: Over the past two months the artistic expats and the local community members have been creating collages mapping their life stories connected to Ostrava. They have embodied them into the collages – both digitally made and physical, three dimensional.
  • We call these collages MY OSTRAVA STORIES and do take care that you can meet also the authors. Because we are the place where new stories begin…
  • What else you can expect: a warm welcome, finding out more about the place, services and events that are planned for the summer holidays, good music, interesting videos made by expats, light refreshments, a photo-corner, involvement into the opinion poll about events to be held later this year, meeting new and old friends from the expat community as well as the local community, institutional and business partners, good coffee or tea, having a nice chat with other visitors and with the members of the Expat Centre Team, a place to relax – and more… JUST COME and SEE.

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