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“The Life Saving Recipe”

Dear Ladies, first of all: this next meeting requires a small homework!

I believe we can enrich each other more and more at each meeting! This time, let’s start the life hacks exchange with food and drink recipes. It can be even something simple, that always works for you. It could be a dish, a dessert or a good recipe for a drink!

We will share and discuss some of them during the meeting and later on in our Facebook group. The life hacks will be collected until the end of May and I will illustrate the favourite one! The one with the biggest amount of likes! I will print it and all of you will receive the recipe card on our June meeting!

Enjoy the last spring month, Ladies! See you on the 20th of may at 17:30.

Meeting link: https://meet.google.com/nzw-inzi-cxy

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