Fun time in summer Ostrava

Tips and tricks for fun summer!

If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Colours of Ostrava, don’t fret! There are plenty of interesting things in Ostrava to explore, learn about, and great places to hang out. 

If you enjoy history, there are many free guided tours available where you can learn a lot about the origins of our beautiful city. For those interested in archaeology, there’s a guided tour that explores Landek and the nearby castle ruins. You can find all the available guided tours on the Ostravainfo website

Did you know that the local transporter, DPO, is organizing summer vintage vehicle rides? You can travel all the way from Poruba to Ostrava’s ZOO for just CZK 40. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a nostalgic journey and explore the city! More information.

If you are a movie enthusiast, make sure you check out our outdoor cinemas. Forget the American drive-in cinemas and enjoy a full cinema experience – just without the roof. Check it out here.

Looking for a cool escape from the heat? Look no further than Frýdek-Místek, just about 20 minutes away from Ostrava. There, you’ll find the stunning Olešná water reservoir with a modern Aquapark. And if you’ve heard about Karviná’s indoor swimming pool, you’ll be glad to know that it has undergone complete reconstruction, offering a full wellness area, a relaxing whirlpool, swimming pool for professionals, and the general public. If you prefer staying closer, Ostrava’s swimming pool in Poruba is also a great option to check out.

When was the last time you visited a planetarium? In Ostrava, there’s a modern planetarium that offers a fascinating experience. You can explore the universe and learn about stars, planets, and galaxies in an immersive dome-shaped theatre. It’s a great place to spark curiosity in kids too. The planetarium also hosts educational events and collaborates with local schools. Keep an eye on their event calendar for special stargazing nights. Next time you’re looking for a unique experience, consider visiting Ostrava’s planetarium right in the city centre! Check it out here.

If you’re a fan of good beer, delicious food, and culture, we recommend attending the entertainment-packed ‘Léto v centru‘ event hosted by Centrum Pant. This open-air festival offers multiple days filled with exciting activities. Gather around a bonfire and enjoy some grilling, or experience an authentic Swedish Midsommar celebration. For the full program, check out this link. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

For the adventurous souls out there, don’t miss the opportunity to explore Pustevny. They have a wide range of events and exciting summer activities waiting for you, including the option to rent Kickbikes.

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