How to find cheap apartment in Ostrava?

by Tereza Klozíková – Real Estate Agent

Firstly, there is one fact I need to tell you before going ahead with the article. The demand for renting in Ostrava is currently one of the highest in the last 10 years. Having this in mind, I can offer you some tips when searching for an apartment in Ostrava for good price.

The reason why this is happening is because mortgage rates are 5% and above and terms and conditions for getting a mortgage changed, therefore it is more difficult to get a mortgage in the first place. You will need to have at least 20% deposit of the purchase price along with being able to pay high monthly payments for the mortgage itself.

So, how to find cheaper living without breaking the bank? I will share a few tips with you:

  1. Location – unfortunately if you are looking for a cheap accommodation, there is a lack of flats in the town centre and so harder to find one here. Same in Poruba, which is after town centre the second most demanded location to live in, so again, the price here tends to be higher. The best location to look for flats is Zábřeh, Výškovice or Hrabůvka. The connection to town centre and Poruba are still very good and you can find some gems of properties there.
  2. Furnished or not furnished? Ideally in the middle, so partially furnished. If the property is fully furnished, it may cost a little more, but in contrast you are saving time and money by not having to choose, purchase, deliver, assemble furniture.
  3. On, search in Czech language and translate the advert to English. Many adverts are only written in Czech. The reason why I am saying this is, from my own experience, many rent prices are advertised in many ways. One time, it is price for rent only and the other time it is all included. For example, my client was searching for a flat in Ostrava town centre and his budget was up to 13 000 CZK. I found him rent for 12 000 CZK all services included. He has seen the advert before, but thought the 12 000 CZK was for rent only.
  4. Great deals – apart from some gems on, you can also search on Facebook. However, on Facebook, there are usually private landlords and so it is better to get your conditions and contracts checked. Also, many landlords don’t speak Czech and so there is a smaller chance of getting such apartment. This is something I can help you with, so do not hesitate to get in touch to ensure smooth moving to your new home.

For more information get in touch with Ostrava Expat Centre, or myself. We are here to support you no matter your situation.


Author: Tereza Klozíková – Real Eastate Agent

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