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How to get current information about what’s the Czech Republic up to

Are you looking for news about the Czech Republic in English? Here they are!

Living in a foreign city might be difficult. No matter if you have just come or you’ve been around for a while, I am pretty sure you want to keep up with current issues and want to know what is going on in the country you have chosen for life. And preferably in English with no need to use Google Translator.

And I have great news for you! Even though there are not hundreds of them, some websites do provide news in English. And you can choose! Do you prefer learning news on social media? A newsletter? A blog? A podcast? Let’s see what suits you.

Probably the most famous one is Radio Prague International. It offers broadcasts in English along with shorter or longer articles about current domestic and foreign affairs. Some of them have audio as well. Radio Prague International belongs to the Czech Radio, so you can be sure you won’t miss any current news. It also offers a number of podcasts on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcast. Here they are:

–          My Prague Spotify & Google Podcast

–          Prague Talk Spotify, iTunes & Google Podcast

–          Prague Hebdo – in French – Spotify & Google Podcast

–          Czechia in 30 minutes Spotify & Google Podcast

–          Une demi-heure en Tchéquie Spotify & Google Podcast

You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Prague Daily Monitor is the Czech Republic’s longest-standing portal for Czech News in English, which gets cited by both BBC and Sky News. It might seem focused on local news, but that’s not true. You’ll find all the national news you need, with a bonus in the form of the Breakfast Brief category. Social media accounts can’t be missing – but Prague Daily Monitor is active only on Facebook and Instagram.

In case you don’t mind paying to get the important daily news, you can try paid national news – České noviny. They offer comprehensive coverage in English – and you will get a 14 day free trial to see if this style suits you.

Another daily news portal is called Expats.cz. You will find here a lot of information on various topics, from daily news through business & tech to travel. You can follow it on social media as well – and again, it is up to your preferences: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn.

If you would like the daily news with a short commentary to pop up in your email Monday to Thursday, with a weekly analysis of the main events on Friday, you might need the Final Word.

Do you belong to the Romani community or you simply are close to it and are seeking news aimed at it? No problem, romea.cz has it covered. Also on Facebook (mostly in Czech, however), Twitter, and YouTube.

Let’s get specific

Educational magazines in English aimed at students of various ages are also available – but in this case, you need to order the printed version. There are three magazines, each for different levels of English (or age) – Ready, Bridge, and Gate. You can check them on the Bridge Publishing House website.

Prague University of Business and Economics’s journal Prague Economic Papers might be interesting for you if you work in or study economics, or if you simply want to get deeper insight into this field. The journal focuses mainly on publishing articles that bring new original insights into economic and financial theory and modelling, and innovative approaches in econometric modelling.

A little bit more regional

There are also some regional news in English, but of course, they don’t ignore the big national events. The biggest one is the Foreigners’s blog. Here you’ll find interesting tips for living in the Czech Republic, with local tips focused on Brno. And you can find it also on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Brno Daily provides both national and regional daily news – the regional ones focus again on Brno, as you have probably guessed from the title. The news are well arranged in specific categories, so it is easy to find the news you’re interested in. And again, you’ll find it on social media – from Instagram and Twitter through Facebook to YouTube.

Let’s stay in Brno – social media providing national and regional news, backed up by the Czech TV, can be found on Brno News CTV Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Prague Post provides news in categories depending on the size of area you want to cover – Prague News, Czech News, EU News, and the World News. You’ll find it on Twitter, too. The website is amazingly simple, in a newspaper style, which makes it perfect for catching up with the latest news in the morning after a day full of work, when you don’t want to be distracted by commercials all around the article.

Another Prague-focused news website is titled Prague Morning. Of course, it also covers national news and different topics – Culture, Politics and Economics, Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Tech, Sport, and Environment. You can follow it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and currently they are the only Czech news in English you can follow on Telegram as well.

So to sum up

There are not many options to choose from – but I believe one of them will suit you and you will get all the news about Czech events you need. Is there any other way you would like to receive news? Let us know!

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