How to vote in municipal elections?

Municipal elections will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September, and expats can vote too!

Who can vote?
  • Only citizens of EU member states can vote (in municipal assembly elections and in the elections to the European Parliament). However, you are obliged to apply to be entered in the annex to the voter list before the elections.
  • Citizens of non-European Union countries can not vote.

What are the requirements?
  • You are a citizen of a different EU Member State.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are the holder of a permanent residence permit or certificate of temporary residence/registration certificate.
What then?

Step 1: Register to vote.

  • You will have to apply for registration in the voter list (specifically in its annex) at the municipal office in your place of residence. In municipalities that are divided into city districts (as Ostrava is), you have to apply at the office of the relevant city district office (eg. at Poruba, Slezská, etc.).
  • You can apply for registration in person, by data mailbox, or in writing form by letter. A sample application can be found here.
  • In the case of submitting the application in person, you must prove your identity, citizenship of an EU state (by national ID or passport), and residence in the Czech Republic (by permanent residence permit or certificate of temporary residence/registration certificate).
  • In the case of a written application, fill sample above. Your application will be verified by the municipal authority in the register of foreigners.
  • If the municipal authority finds that it does not meet all the conditions, it will notify you by letter.

Step 2: Show up at the elections.

  • On the elections days (23rd and 24th of September) come to the election room in the place of your residence, bring a valid ID document and residence permit card and take a vote.
What’s the deadline for application?
  • You can apply any time, but at the latest 2 days before Election Day (i.e. on the Wednesday before the election up to 16.00). But we advise you to do it way more sooner.

  • Where can I vote?

In the municipality where you are resident (the municipality in your permanent/temporary residence card). In Ostrava, you can vote both for the assembly of the whole city and for the assembly of the individual city districts.

  • Must I apply for registration before every election?

No. You will be automatically entered into the annex if you continue to meet all the conditions (in particular, residence in the Czech Republic). However, for voting in EU elections, you will have to apply for with a special application, since conditions are different. 

  • How long will I be enrolled in the annex?

Once registered in the voter list, you will be recorded there until you yourself request deletion or for as long as you continue to meet all legal conditions. Example: For example, if you move to another municipality within the Czech Republic, you will automatically be listed in the electoral register in the new municipality. But if you leave the Czech Republic completely, you will no longer meet the conditions of residence and you will be removed from the register.

  • Is voting compulsory?

No. Voting is not compulsory in the Czech Republic.

  • May I vote in the municipal elections in my own Member State?

Yes. The entry has no effect on your entry in the voting list in your home country.

  • Where can I find more information?

Ministry of Interior and Citizen Portal.

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