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An unique museum-style exhibition featuring creatives, entrepreneurs, and culinary enthusiasts.


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It is a big city, and still it feels comfortable and even cosy.

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  • From the very first meeting, the people at the OEC were very welcoming and helpful. They are open to suggestions and are constantly working in order to provide useful information, support, and events for locals and expats alike. I like to think that I found them at the right time. A while ago I was worried and saddened by my unsuccessful job hunt. The OEC gave me pointers on how to approach the Czech market and helped me improve my CV.

    Natalia Aguilera López

    Visual artist and content reviewer

  • I am really thankful to Alena and OEC team for all the help and support they provide. We enjoy all functions and events organised by OEC. I wish all the best to team OEC.

    Kavita Thakur

  • Words are not enough for me to express my gratitude to the OEC team. They always helped me when it comes to solving any procedure or they have given me the best recommendations in case of doubts to proceed. With respect to Ostrava, it is a very friendly, safe city, with good places to enjoy nature, eating and shoping. I am very happy to live here since the end of 2019.

    Jose Petrucci

    Telecom Engineer

  • Since first stepping into Ostrava back in 2008, it was clear that the locals were very family orientated. People love the great outdoors and of course their beer. But it is really only the last 7 years of me settling here with my own family home, that I've seen all the modernisation with many international schools and corporations bringing in people from around the world to join the growing community, there are even many coffee shops instead of "herna" bars. Ostrava is changing fast and mostly for the better.

    Sam Tuduwage

    English Language Teacher


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Ostrava Expat Centre was born because the city of Ostrava recognized the need to support the expats who decided to move here. We are powered by Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre.

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