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It is a big city, and still it feels comfortable and even cosy.

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    What is good to know before my arrival to Ostrava?

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    What to do after my arrival to Ostrava?

  • Everyday life

    How to travel by public transport?

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    How to establish self-employment?

  • Family

    What to do if we want to get married?

  • Free time

    Where to go for a glass of wine?

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What people say

  • It's a blessing to have a home away from home in Ostrava. There is no love more sincere than the love of food. And my food connected me with all the lovely people.

    Mangalam Krishnamoorthy

    Owner of catering service KROP

  • I came to Ostrava 30 years ago. It’s a very good place to bring-up children, study and teach. An interesting job & lots of friends, too!

    Jelena Kupcevičová

    University Teacher

  • Ostrava is a big enough city to find activities to do, but small enough to have very little traffic and lots of green areas. Ostrava has beautiful women and delicious beer.

    Zach Bolinger

    IT Specialist

  • Ostrava has been improving a lot since 2013, when I moved here. It offers many family and children friendly facilities. I also cherish its decent public transport system. I just wished people were a little bit more lively. Maybe this is the purpose for me moving here, to boost their enthusiasm a little bit. We'll see...

    Andrea Sarcani

    English Language Teacher



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