Expat Episodes #4: Andrew from Ghana.

From selling African prints in 35°C to connecting cultures in -2°C.

Welcome to the newest episode of our podcast Expat Episodes!  
In this edition, we sit down with Andrew Awadey, the founder of WestMerge, a brand that’s all about connecting West African and Western cultures through sustainable fabrics. Coming from Ghana, Andrew has traveled quite a bit, working in both India and Kenya before deciding to settle in Ostrava.  
His journey as a social entrepreneur is curious and focus not only on fashion but also on education and health for children in Ghana through his NGO. His brand WestMerge was exhibited last year in the first edition of the Expat and Locals exhibition, and it stands out for its sustainable approach. He’s even on the verge of collaborating with Nilmore, a local sustainable textile company, to establish his commitment to connecting cultures while keeping an eye on the environment.  
When Andrew first landed in Ostrava, he got a very cold reception—literally! He remembers freezing despite wearing goalkeeper gloves, but that didn’t stop him from finding his way here. Despite the initial discomfort that he and many expats experienced, he quickly grew to love the city, appreciating it as a fantastic place to start a business.  
Andrew’s previous experiences abroad helped him to embraced Czech culture, although he admits that the bureaucracy to start a business here surprised him, it did not stop his ambition to start his company. Now, Andrew is happy to call Ostrava home, and he is hopeful about the city’s potential for entrepreneurs and expats.  
If you want to understand more about how expats perceive Ostrava and their motivation to start a life here, tune into the episode!  
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