Expat Episodes #3: David from Belgium

From coaching kids to managing a restaurant through Corona Virus. From Ice Cream Scoops to Ostrava's Culinary Gem!

David’s path to Lapeco wasn’t a straight one.

Before becoming Lapeco’s popular chef, he tried many jobs back in Liege, his hometown. He spent time teaching children and he also worked in an ice cream shop.

But David’s story takes an interesting turn. During his student days, he lived with a group of Czech students, and it is very possible that this experience sparked his passion for different cultures and sharing them through food.

When David first arrived in Ostrava, his vision was simple: a cozy spot to enjoy soups and classic baguette sandwiches.

Now fast forward: 15 years, two kids, and a wife later, David transformed Lapeco!

From a simple soup and sandwich spot into a fusion cuisine destination. Now he explores the exciting world of fusion cuisine, all while keeping some of his signature dishes – the famous meatballs and Belgian fries!   

In this episode we cover also the process David went through to open his business and how he now balances his work and personal life. David seems to thrive on discovering new culinary traditions and flavors, bringing a taste of the world back to La Petit Conversation – or for the frequent customers: Lapeco!   

Tune into the episode now and find out why he is called the Belgium souvenir! 

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