Expat Episodes #2: Nazli from Turkey 

This episode brings rich insights into student life, visas for the purpose of study, and more! Check it out!

Here is the last Wednesday in February and we are happy to announce the next Expats Episodes. This time with insides from the big city of Istanbul.

In our second episode, we dive into the exciting opportunities for students exploring the Czech Republic. Meet Nazli, an English literature student from Istanbul. Despite never crossing Turkey’s borders before, she bravely set off alone to experience the heart of Europe. 


In this episode, we touch on the topic of difficulties and administrative complexity when you intend to go abroad within the Erasmus program. 

Tune in to Expats Episodes for Nazli’s inspiring story – from choosing an internship at the Ostrava Expat Center to the transformative impact of her journey in the Czech Republic. Discover how communities come together in this episode! 

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