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10+ reasons why to learn Czech – and now we have free courses for you!

Do you want to learn Czech or improve what you already know? Here’s your chance! 

We partnered with Seduo and now you can attend a Czech language course for free. Well, for leaving a feedback. And that is a pretty good price, isn’t it?  But be quick, there are only limited free spots. 

Czech for foreigners I. contains 12 lessons with a total duration of 46 minutes, and is free for all. 

Czech for foreigners II. contains 11 lessons with a total duration of 42 minutes, and we have 5 free spots for this course. 

Czech for foreigners III. contains 11 lessons with a total duration of 41 minutes, and we also have 5 free spots for the course. 

You will get a certificate for completing each course. Contact us for more information. 

But why you should want to learn the Czech language in the first place? Well, we’ve put together 10+ reasons for you: 

  1. Not everyone speaks English in the Czech Republic.
    Either they did not learn it in school (because not so long ago, English just wasn’t the top favourite in the curriculum), or they are just shy to speak, or there is any other reason – you will soon find out speaking at least basics of the language is a good thing for you. 
  2. Which leads me to another point. It will help you in your everyday life. Let it be a job, grocery shopping, commuting, or ordering a coffee – they will most likely understand English, but asking in Czech and actually understanding what are people around you talking about is much better. 
  3. Also, you will understand Czech people speaking English. Czenglish is a thing, and we all have an accent speaking a foreign language. Knowing people’s mother tongue is huge help. 
  4. It will help you travel around the Czech Republic. The Czech Rep is a wonderful place for city breaks and road trips. There are so many beautiful, small towns. But with that we return to the point #1 – not everyone speaks English. Especially in a small, non-touristic town or village. You want be able to ask for a bus ticket or to order a beer, right? 
  5. Czechs will help you. And they will appreciate your effort.  We know our language is difficult to learn. It is for us sometimes, too. We will gladly help you, correct your mistakes if you ask – or ignore them if you don’t ask, because we will most likely understand you anyway. And I can guarantee, we will appreciate the effort you put into learning the language. Most of us learned some language at some point in our lives, but it was most likely a language that has more speakers than is the population of former Czechoslovakia. Learning a language of 10 millions of people? Oh wow. Hats off for you. We love our language and we love everyone who is learning it. 
  6. Czech language is a gateaway to other Slavic languages. Slovak (no, it’s definitely not the same, even though it is the closest one), Polish (ever heard of Český Těšín? Or Třinec? There you go.), Russian, Ukrainian, Croatioan, Serbian,… you name it, it will be much easier to understand and learn other Slavic languages once you get to know the Czech language. 
  7. Learning a language is a great way to exercise your brain. Do I need to say more? As you want to keep your body fit, you should keep your brain fit as well. And learning a new language does just that. Plus, you’ll be able to speak the language of a country you live in. Double win! 
  8. The Czech language is fun and creative. When you get familiar with the basic grammar (there are only three tenses, nothing too complicated) and with how to create new words, you’ll find out it’s really fun. And you can get really creative coming up with new words. And people will most likely understand. Or you will create a new word for you and your friends. Works either way! 
  9. It will help you understand your language. It might sound crazy if your language is completely different, but believe me, all languages have something in common and learning one language will help you understand your mother tongue. Its grammar, or some words, or why you have some idioms, it can be anything. And it might help you understand another language as well! When learning Spanish, I understood why sometimes English works the way it works. And sometimes I was learning Spanish in English rather than in my mother tongue, sometimes vice versa. It helped me with both. 
  10. Speaking it is an impressive achievement. No doubt! Not many people speak Czech if they were not born in the Czech Republic. And not everyone learns Czech more than in just a few necessary sentences. You’ll be proud of yourself and your friends will be proud of you. 
  11. It will help you understand the culture. You’ll be able to watch old Czech movies in original dubbing, because some puns just cannot be translated. You’ll be able to read poems, you’ll understand jokes and idioms. Simply, it will help you understand, among other things, the Czech way of life. 

Do you wan to book your course? Send the email to alena@ostravaexpat.eu

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