Awakening of the “New Normal” Life

by Mangalam Krishnamoorthy, expat living in Ostrava

2020. The year that will go in the history of the World. The year started with a promising note as everyone was planning and running around busier than before to achieve the goals set for themselves. In late January people started to hear the first news from Wu-Han and felt sorry for those who were fighting for lives imagining that the disease would not be spreading to Europe. While the global economy started to shatter, the virus was quietly doing its job determined to take over the world leaving the scientists and medical fraternity baffled.

In spite of all the negative things we have been through, the only one thing that keeps us alive is FOOD. We see lots of emerging bakers’ shops, farmers, chefs and gardeners realising the need for self-sustaining and supplying fresh ingredients or dishes to homes and businesses. New offers and channels to get food to consumers crop up.

The full spring has come blossoming, the summer is approaching and there is a new hope in front of us. We have been masked and free movement restricted for such a long time. People are already preparing themselves for the new way of the “normal” life. Maybe it will be a bit different, but why not make the most of it?

Though this summer may not be the same and people cannot travel so freely as before (as some restrictions remain) they naturally want to make this summer memorable and exotic. And one of the ways to reach the heart of any person is through food. The summers being warmer and warmer every year in the Czech Republic, the Indian spicy food can actually keep more water in the body and reduce thirst during summer days. And it works even if your choose anything from “mild spicy” to the “hot spicy“ tastes. Moreover, spicy food supports the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for the emotion of happiness.

So to achieve the full exotic taste, enjoy the summer days to the full and serve well to the body and mind you may try this simple Indian recipe for Chicken Butter masala. You can follow the link

If you want to feel well and help your body to digest well you can prepare at home a very healthy and tasty drink from only a few ingredients: the “Sweet Lassi”. It has a cooling effect on the body and the Ayurvedic approach highgly recommends this drink. This is a simple recipe with only a few ingredients.

Sweet Lassi

  • Yogurt 2 cups
  • Powdered sugar 3 tbspn
  • Cardamom powder 1 tsp
  • Fresh cream (optional) 1 tbspn
  • Some finely chopped pistachios and almonds for garnishing.


  1. First take the curd in a bowl and whisk it well till you get to see the foam on the top. The long whisking is important.
  2. Add ice cold water to suit your preferred consistency. The thicker consistency is for less hot days.
  3. Add the sugar (increase the dose it if you want more) and cardamom powder along with the cream.
  4. Mix well.

Garnish with chopped nuts and serve chilled. You can make variations by adding some crushed fruits like strawberry, blue berries, mangoes, etc. You can prepare it in large portions and store it in the fridge.

Bon Appetit!

P.S.: I can provide full catering service for meetings, events and parties. The exotic taste can come right to you. And if you want to taste some homemade unfamiliar food from the Indian sub-continents – beyond Naan and curry, check my facebook page KROP.

Thank you and stay safe!

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