Bike and the City

Summer is in full swing and you can enjoy summer vacation by bike.

If you do not want to travel abroad due to Covid-19, you can discover Ostrava through the bike paths. There are currently 259 kilometres of cycle paths in Ostrava. You can check:

All the official cycle paths are listed here by OSTRAVAINFO!!! (only in Czech) with route profile (elevation), follow-up routes and dangerous place on the routes. Below, I am providing my personal tips:

A) Poruba: Alšovo náměstí – Pustkovec – Martinov – Opava riverside – Třebovice – Alšovo náměstí (11,5 km ~ 45 min)

B) Centre: Masaryk square – Komenského sady (city park) – Silesian Ostrava castle – Ostravice riverside – Hrabuvka – Dolní oblast Vítkovice – Masaryk square (21,3 km ~ 85 min)

C) Odra river floodplain: Svinov station – Dolní Polanka – Jistebník – Košatka – Proskovice – Výškovice – Zábřeh – Svinov station (27 km ~ 100 min)



A very popular way of moving around is bike-sharing. To use the Nextbike sharing service, you first download the app, then register with your name and bank card and immediately you can rent the bike via the app (AndroidApple). A registration fee of 50 CZK will be given to you as credit for the rides. There are more than 250 Nextbike stations all around Ostrava. Please just remember to always return the bikes to the “station” and not leave them lying around.

Nextbike pricing: the first 15 minutes are free of charge, the following 45 minutes cost 20 CZK, or you can prepaid a monthly tariff for 149 CZK. Also you can rent a bike for free more than once a day.

There is a new station called “Expat Centrum” right in the front of our office!

NB: If you wanna travel via Public transport with your bike remember, that you need a ticket also for a bike. You can buy it inside the vehicle within the yellow machine with your contactless card – choose “přeprava zavazadel” and you will be charged by 12 CZK. Holders of the long-term coupon can transport bike for free.

By Tony 

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