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Decoding Ostrava’s Real Estate: A Workshop with Your Real Estate Agent.

Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Real Estate in Ostrava!

Hello everyone! My name is Tereza Klozíková! I am your local real estate guide and I would love to invite you to my upcoming workshop!

What, where, when, and why?

📅 21.3.2024
📍Ostrava Expat Centre

Let me start by saying, that I am so happy that you decided to read this blog to see if it makes sense for you to attend. Let’s give you some idea about what to expect.

👉It doesn’t matter if you just moved here, lived here for a while (or years), or planning on buying, selling, renting, or investing in real estate in general. I am here to give you practical tips on what you will actually need and maybe will not be able to understand from Uncle Google. Step by step. This workshop, therefore, is suitable for total beginners and even for professional investors.  

Why I am the right person to guide you through this workshop?

I have been working as a real estate agent in the UK, where I lived for over 7 years. I understand the word Expat very well as I felt like one twice. When I moved to the UK and then when I moved back to Czechia. I worked with expats ever since as I genuinely want you to find your home outside your home country. Whether you are renting, planning to buy, starting a company, or expanding your existing one. My real estate experience is now over 4 years and I have been working with people searching for a flat to rent, to sales, developing projects, and even with the City itself. My mission is to inform, educate, raise standards, and assist in keeping them.

In this workshop, I will show you the “Ostrava” ways to real estate, any tricks that I learned in my practice and will be helpful to you, how to spot the right property for you, where and how to search, what to do when you found “the one” and what to do after you completed the process. Since I worked with many expats before, I believe I understand the processes you might be struggling with due to lack of information and experience, so this is not your typical workshop where you might take away something and maybe not. I want you to leave this workshop with a loaded brain but mainly knowing how to work with the information received. It will be all about practical, day-to-day experiences. To be honest, this workshop is unique here in Ostrava, so make sure you join us!

🚨Dear Expats, this event requires registration, and the seats are limited, you can easily secure a spot by registering here.

You can also connect with Tereza Klozíková through her website: www.terezaklozikova.cz

Secure your spot today and join us! See you there!

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