Expat Episodes: When New Stories Begin

We’re launching our podcast, and the first episode is already available. But what is the podcast about?

🎙Our podcast is now available, and we assure you it’s not about the weather!

We call it ‘’Expat Episodes: When New Stories Begin’’, it’s about the lives of expats who chose to call the Moravian-Silesian region their home.  

In the first episode, we’ll walk you through the life of Elena from Belarus, a talented freelance illustrator. And even though her journey took her through London and Barcelona, she found her home here in Ostrava.  

🎨What can you look forward to? Her life escapades, the challenges she had to face, and what it is like to live in the Czech Republic. You’ll also get to hear about her studies in Barcelona and explore how her Argentinian teacher has influenced her artistic style. Do you like illustrations that pop and stories that dance with colors? Then buckle up, because you’re in for a treat.  

We’ll also dive into the topic of freelancing in the Czech Republic and offer tips for expats who want to start a business. 💼

▶ You can find us on Spotify and YouTube.

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Tune in & Enjoy! 🎙️🌍✨ 



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