The owner is obliged to secure the dog so that in public areas, with the exception of designated places, the dog does not run freely or move or otherwise endanger or harass others, to lead the dog on a leash and, if necessary, to use commands. For free movement, check the map of parks.

From 1 January 2020 it is mandatory that all dogs are registered with electronic ID chips. Puppies must be registered within 3 months of age. Also, you can consider insuring your pet (Czech only), there are few insurance companies.

If your dog is lost, please publish it here. if you find a stray dog, report it to the city police (call 156).

Czechoslovak Wolfdog, source:

Travelling on a Public Transport

Traveling with your dog on a tram or bus depends on the type of the ticket you have. Most long-term subscription tickets allow one dog to travel with you free of charge. If you make a single journey, the ticket for the dog is 50% of the fare. The driver must always know that you are taking a dog aboard, and if there is already a dog belonging to someone else inside the carriage, then the dog would not be allowed on at that time. The exception is if both dogs belong to you. The dog always has to be held on a short leash and wear a muzzle. In the case of small dogs they can be carried without a muzzle or a ticket if they are kept in a closed box with an impermeable base.

Dog Fee

The local fee for dogs in Ostrava for 2022 varies by the city district (from hundreds to thousands of crowns). Please check the website of your city district to find the exact fee or contact us.

The fee is payable for dogs older than 3 months. You are obliged to notify your city district office within 15 days from the day you own the dog. The dog fee is paid by the dog owner. A person who is exempt from payment of the fee (i.e. a disabled person) also has the obligation to notify the city district office about the possession of the dog.

It is necessary to bring along:

  • identity card,
  • vaccination certificate of the dog (due to chip registration),
  • only if the taxpayer asks for any exceptions or concessions to reduce the fee: confirmation of pension, health disability card,
  • details of the dog’s description (sex, age, race),
  • type of house in which the dog owner resides (family house, apartment building).
Dog Shelters - Adoptions of Dogs

There are many shelters in the Moravian-Silesian Region (see list) that offer dogs for adoption. Ostrava has its dog shelter in Třebovice.

Everyone who wants to adopt a dog from Ostrava’s shelter must meet the basic conditions (these conditions may vary in each shelter):

  • to have a permanent residence in the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • be over 18 years old,
  • pay a fee of CZK 200 (in cash),
  • have such social conditions to be able to provide the dog with at least a basic standard.

It is necessary to think about how you will transport the dog from the shelter, and what things to take with you – a collar, leash, muzzle, transport box or bag.

Before you definitely decide to get a dog, you need to consider everything well. You must never forget that an inappropriately chosen dog can be a real misfortune for your family. People often have no idea about the natural behaviour and characteristics of dogs. Moreover, they do not even know what such coexistence of a person with a dog entails. The dog will then pay dearly for their mistakes! Thousands of dogs end up on the streets every year due to the irresponsible attitude of their owners.

Vet Clinics

There are many vet clinics in Ostrava, almost every bigger city quarter has one. Please keep in mind that at every vet clinic you have to pay immediately after the service has been provided. Many clinics accept bank cards. Please, see the list of vet clinics below.

Also, you can consider insuring your pet (Czech only), to reduce your further expenses for treatment or liability damages.


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