How to recycle in Ostrava

We all know that recycling is very important and should be an integral part of our life. All over the City of Ostrava, there are bins for various kind of waste. Please, check the interactive map with the location of each container for various kinds of waste. OZO, a city-owned waste management company is responsible for waste disposal and recycling. 

Below, we provide brief instructions (with images) how to recycle properly:

  1. Green bin: mixed residual waste (non-separated waste)
  2. Yellow binplastics (CLEAN bottles, cups and food boxes, liquid packaging, tetra packs, bags, foils, polystyrene, CD/DVD media, cosmetics packaging) + metal packaging (cans and tins)
  3. Blue binpaper (newspapers, magazines, catalogues and leaflets, cardboard and boxes, shredded paper, office paper, exercise books, calendars, notebooks, brochures, drawings, envelopes)
  4. Green bin in the shape of a bell: glass (jars, glasses and bottles, throw away bottles without lids and shards) 
  5. Red bin: electro waste (old or unused electrical appliances, electronics, refrigeration equipment)
  6. Brown bincompost – biodegradable waste (fruits, vegetables, grass and leaves, withered flowers, walnut shells and wood sawdust)
  7. Textile containers: you can donate clean and dry clothes for charity purpose
  8. Collection yard: for oversized, hazardous or construction waste, big electro waste, edible oils and fats and tires. At these yards are you have to prove your City of Ostrava residency (by permanent/temporary residence card).

There is also Reuse centrum – It is a shop for used furniture and other functional household items that people donated because they no longer need them. Those items will be sold either as were donated by people or after minor repairs.

Did you know?

All citizens who intend to stay in the city of Ostrava for longer than 90 days (even if they don’t have temporary/permanent residency) are obliged to pay the waste collection fee. The responsibility to pay the fee is on individual residents (including children), not on the property owners. More about this topic here.


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